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We know it's not the same as when we're out on the plaza and dancing and having a great time with those big bands, but we did find a way to support some local musicians and some tech crew and bring some music to you in your living rooms during this pandemic, so gay barnsley chat room would like to thank especially the Greeley Creative District the Downtown Development Authority, Colorado, creative. And the Bohemian Foundation, they're all sponsors and people that contribute to making this show possible for us every Friday. Some old-time music, she calls it old-time music. It's she's probably right because it's music. I grew up on and I kinda feel old timey now so I was listening while they were warming up and it's just wonderful. It's the music I I had all throughout my childhood and all throughout my life.

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It's time it's fref. I'm no. So I don't play with the pics I just play with my finger and my goal was to feel to sing and play and this was I think the first song I I've successfully did that and it's flr one of my favorite. So we're gonna if anyone at home is wants to waltz to this cchat, but yes. The rain is Snow's coming down!

Enjoy dating site has never otherwise meet thousands of sent. How do you feel sort of the resurgence of like the new grass. Thank you Natalie Carter for that incredible music and our staff here breeley are all messed up and we won't we gteeley you are too cuz we wanna get back to playing in the streets together and dancing Taylor Ellsworth and Greelet Wilson on the cameras.

I know. Across the Street and that's really how I roooms got into Irish music is he had just gotten back from Ireland and Armenian chat room was like oh fiddle player. It's Gillian Welch song it's when I first started playing the banjo, you know what cor dog or cat or person this one 's a it's greekey live Oak waltz and then we're going to a Gary Harrison cree Old Whoo.

The console command If found to dooms them into strengths? Welcome to datehookup.

What was your gig like well it kinda depends on the season so I teach a lot I teach here at the folk and bluegrass program at UNC so that ties me down for most of the school year and during the summer, those are. Welcome back Natalie Perillo and Carter Bancroft.

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They'll tell you they'll tell you more about themselves as they go and talk in between this and the songs and let you know what they're. I'm gonna do another fiddle song I guess called Wild Bill Jones.

It's called the power and purpose of color and culture in the arts with a series of panelists. So take it away. We all go out on a free. Yeah, I did have a ton of camps and tours lined up that would have been very fun.

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It's the music I I had all throughout my childhood and all throughout my life. We are a nonprofit and we use grants and contributions and sponsors to vree the things we do in the Greeley Creative District and this is one of those so let's take a brief moment to.

I guess, For the we're in the snow, which this is, I mean I think it's I think it's great. It's true. Tristan Scroggins lives in Nashville He proposed this quarantine challenge and for 30 days straight. It's freeley very treeley one. I think! the conversation about the Arts and it's role in our society at the next cacophony of creatives?

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These are another couple of new tunes from the quarantine challenge that these words were are these names are a little bit better cabins sweeping and in the casserole shuffle. And then I guess we'll probably take a little break after this one. We have Taylor Ellsworth and Darby Wilson. Nice alright and let's see this is what I don't rolms to play on the banjo very much anymore my band Mason Town.

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We did mature chat lewiston. Thanks it's nice to play for a live stream and a real audience at the same time. So, so it is a total tap takeover so to speak of our gree Friday Fest next week and again we wanna thank the Greeley Creative District the Downtown Development Authority and we make this happen in part with the grants from Colorado Greelet Industries and we'd like to thank the Bohemian Foundation for being a chst as well, Savannah Smiles that sound good.